The St James School PTA is a registered charity run by volunteer parents and staff. We aim to help the School bring out the best in all our children by organising free extra-curricular activities for the children and funding additional resources for the school, including the swimming pool, the library, the trim trail and our budding technology department.

All of our events to fund these initiatives have been cancelled which is why we are reaching out to our local community. If you can, please give your gift today, here.


Previous costs met by the PTA

  • Maintenance of the swimming pool and the facilities.


  • Swimming lessons for all children by qualified external instructors.

  • Individual funding for each class to spend how they wish, such as play equipment for KS1 or visits to museums for KS2. Plus special requests.

  • 30 laptops purchased in 2016.


  • Interactive white boards paid for at the beginning of 2018.

  • Trim trail, completed in 2019.

  • Leavers party, gifts and catering for our Year 6 Eagles class.




  • £2000 needed for new library books.​


  • £1800 to refurbish the reception playground.

  • £1400 individual gifts to each class.

  • £1200 to maintain the swimming pool.*


  • £250 Leavers gifts and celebration.


Future ambitions

  • £4000 to upgrade the School technology department.


  • £8000 to provide an all-weather cover for the swimming pool so the children can learn life-saving skills all year round. 

* Pool maintenance costs are incurred even when the pool is not in use.